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Our main satisfaction: a large number of students return year after year to continue learning with us.

Spanish Courses in Argentina - Chile
Buenos Aires - Patagonia - Mendoza - Ushuaia - Santiago de Chile

Welcome to our Spanish language Schools in Argentina and Chile.

You will find what you need on our site. Here you will meet people of all ages coming from all over the world and from different backgrounds and professions. Our students come to Argentina/Chile from all over the world to Learn Spanish, from a wide range of nationalities, with different needs and interests. For this reason, at each of our schools we offer a wide range of Spanish courses and levels.
Our bigger satisfaction is that we are proud of the personal attention we offer to each of our students and the atmosphere they find in our schools.
Our team of highly qualified professors, with an average of twenty years experience in teaching Spanish as a second language, has designed a practical, dynamic, and communicative method to Learn Spanish in a spontaneous and natural way.

Learn Spanish in Argentina and Chile with ABC Spanish Schools !!!

Why Spanish ?
# The increasing importance and influence of the Spanish language today is unquestionable. It is now the fourth most spoken language in the world, the second language in international communications and the official language in twenty-one nations. The social and economic importance of the Spanish language is growing to such an extent that it is now an essential skill on both a personal and professional level.

# By improving your Spanish, you’ll come to appreciate, more and more, the many “jewels” of the Spanish-speaking world music, dance, cinema, culture and lots more! Come to South America and discover just how diverse South America really is. Improving your Spanish may well help you in your career. It will certainly be enjoyable and worthwhile

# The Spanish-speaking world is developing at an impressive pace and its influence in society, business and culture grows, literally, every day.

# The countries of Latin America are receiving international recognition in many fields, not least of which are some major developments in business and commerce.

# Spanish is the native language of almost 350 million people, making it the second most important language in the world.

# Within the next 50 years, Spanish will be the spoken language in the homes of half of the population of the United States.

# Your language skills will allow you to facilitate activities such as travel, eating in restaurants, shopping and enjoy our culture.

Learn Spanish in Argentina and Chile with ABC Spanish Schools !!!

Our teachers:

All teachers hold a Masters Degree in Education / Literature from University of Buenos Aires, and postgraduate degrees in Spanish for foreigners.
We have a permanent staff of professors with a high level of specialization. Our team of teachers has been carefully selected, according to their academic qualifications, experience and personality. The teaching staff is constantly supervised by our Pedagogical Department.
They have not only been chosen for their qualifications and experience, but also for their ability to work enthusiastically with students. Our teachers will help you with clear learning objectives and they will encourage you to participate in Spanish from the first day.

Your Benefits:

.- Unequalled learning progress in minimum time.
.- Maximum contacts with Latin America (Argentina - Chile)
.- Rich learning experience with dedicated international adults.
.- You will learn to speak Spanish from the very first day.
.- All Spanish lessons are designed for small groups or private tutoring (One to One).
.- Spanish Classes are taught exclusively by native Spanish teachers
.- Learn Spanish in Argentina-Chile choosing your destination. Around half of our students study in multiple

Learn Spanish in Argentina and Chile with ABC Spanish Schools !!!

..........We welcome you and we look forward to seeing you in Argentina/Chile.........

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